Once you have a problem you cannot solve on your own, you have a few options of how to contact technical support team fast:

  •         Call center of Parimatch company;
  •         Real-time chat on the official company website;
  •         Filling out a feedback application online;
  •         Using mail.

People might have trouble even signing up, and regardless of the stage they’re on, Parimatch is open for communication on a 24/7 basis. Customer service is a crucial component for a company’s reputation and a deal-breaker for its continuous success.

Perks of Chatting at Parimatch

Most users will probably not use the mail to get advice from support: it takes a lot of time to assemble a request for help and get a response. Therefore, players choose a live chat option frequently: it’s a convenient way to resolve an issue at any time of day or night. Parimatch operators are there for you right after you have registered an official account.

The yellow button for connecting to live chat is located in the lower right corner, or you can easily access it via a mobile app. You need to provide your first and last name and an account number to enter a live chat safely. There are several reasons bettors can choose to contact informational helpline:

  1.     Ask about the details for successful registration;
  2.     Find out the reason for shutting off an account;
  3.     Deal with the trouble of downloading and installing a mobile app;
  4.     Clarify the withdrawal methods and the time for input/output of assets for upcoming transactions;
  5.     Ask about online betting and get professional advice (quite  a popular question since many first-time bettors at Parimatch are amateurs who don’t know how the bookmaker system works);
  6.     Tell about an unauthorized sign-in to profile;
  7.     Pass through identification of personal data or change personal settings;
  8.     Discuss the best use for betting strategies without breaking the rules of a bookmaker;
  9.     Reset a password that was lost or forgotten;
  10. Omit a blocking of an official website.

As it can be seen, there are tons of reasons for signing a support request. Since the internet is the major way of communication, Parimatch requires users to be as precise as possible in their questions and get straight to the point without unnecessary details.

You might find a good opportunity in contacting Parimatch service center via instant messenger such as Telegram or WhatsApp. After saving the contacts of a bookmaker in a phone book, you can simply write messages any time of day or night. Be aware that technical experts in messengers do not respond to audio or video files, therefore, you need to put up a question in a text form only. The phone number for a chat is available on the official website for Malaysian citizens.

Using Mobile App for Contacting Support

As mentioned before, Parimatch is available for Android and iOS. The app is not available at Google Play Store, so you’ll have to turn to an official website for more information and a direct link. There is a QR code for easy access to a platform.

The good news is – you will still have access to seasonal promotions. You can use the app to place bets in the same way as on the website. To withdraw money successfully, you need to input credit card details and specify the payment method. Such systems as PayPal and electronic wallets have proven reliable money transfers among Parimatch customers.

Parimatch Support: Best Decision or Not

Parimatch support is a fast way to get a solution to any of your technical problems. You have to finish signing up for an account to use this function. The private details are needed to confirm the live chat with support will be completely safe. In this case, if you don’t have an account, you cannot start a conversation with support.

A new user might need help embracing the functionality of the website and developing his strategy for betting. Tech support of Parimatch surely does its best to satisfy the needs of customers. No need to worry, as there are no patterns for support requests: ask about whatever you’re interested in as long as it stays connected to a company’s mission.

The participants of sports betting might not be familiar enough with the system, and that’s another solid reason to get in touch with the support team. Finally, they are not here only to solve payment troubles but for giving free advice as well. Just stop by the yellow button for support when you’re not feeling sure how to do betting and how to win at it, and one of the operators will gladly consult you.

Brief Conclusion

As it can be seen, Parimatch support is open for communication on a 24/7 basis. It is a component of a company’s reputation and a deal-breaker for its continuous success. There are certain ways to stay in touch with support: live chat, instant messenger, and even mail. You just need to create an account first and settle the verification to be eligible for tech advice.

Using the mobile app, you will still have access to special bonuses and updates. It’s an option for people who need to work and switch places from time to time. Don’t attach yourself to a computer: Parimatch has proven its interface to support their customers in the mobile app. Plus, you still get a welcome bonus as a direct deposit; if you have questions, the support team is ready to assist and manage all kinds of requests!